Xerox PrintBack Offers Solutions

Xerox PrintBack is being updated to support the new iOS update for your smartphone. Print capabilities are also extended to Android smartphones as well as tablets. Working today is technologically dependent. Whether you’re accessing email, viewing documents, and integrating your device to your business devices. When you’re constantly on the go, it can be easy to get frustrated but now, printing can be with you, everywhere you go. 

PrintBack delivers job simplicity through submission and production. No matter what your connection is like, manufacturer, or printer type, your jobs are valued and created in the quality you expect. “Smartphones and tablets are being rapidly adopted, and are becoming more integral in business environments and processes.” Says Xerox, “While mobile apps have bolstered the capabilities of such devices in new and unexpected ways, printing remains a difficult capability to harness.” 

With easy mobility, Xerox can support your files and documents from programs including Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint®, Excel®, Adobe® PDF, and more. When you print from mobile, quality is not sacrificed. High-quality documents will be sent and produced, the default settings of the print driver are used to print the job. With PrintBack, you have the ability to submit more than just documents, use the Photo Shoot mode and print these as well. This particular feature is incredibly useful for those in the real estate and construction industries. Give impromptu examples of your work with high-quality prints. 

PrintBack is a must have for mobility. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is how companies are conducting their business. It’s fast, convenient, and easy. According to a recent Quocirca survey of 125 companies reports that 75% of respondents said printing still plays an important role in supporting business activities, and 55% said their employees would like to be able to print from their mobile devices as if they were using their desktop computers. PrintBack is the solution to your print solutions. 

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