Xerox Announces Updated Automated Process

Innovation is keeping Xerox busy! The industry giant has been working hard keeping up with shifts in business thanks to technological advances. We are helping businesses strive to be the best that they can be. This pertains to their practices, products, and performances. Automation has been the key component for success in the business world. To fulfill this need, Xerox has announced new offers that “enable faster deployment, scalability and time to value.” Business Wire highlights these two new features so that you can understand and assess the benefits of their new services. The first tools of the automation package are being provided as part of the Xerox®ClearSight™ suite of products and include Xerox ClearSight Automated Intelligence and Xerox ClearSight Case Management.

Xerox ClearSight™ Automated Intelligence

Xerox developed this general purpose software to mimic human actions by routing or processing data based on specific rules. The software works with any data source, including emails and spreadsheets. It can also be programmed to perform simple routines to complex processes. This software creates a user interface or communication link that can read data entering a specific process through a business app, web app or contact center and can direct the data to the appropriate application or process.

Xerox ClearSight Case Management

This robotic software controls the business process workflow plus what the users see on their computer screens, creating an easy-to-use, fully integrated product that can be deployed in various industries. The application eliminates the need for extensive agent training on where to find the answers to common customer inquiries. When handling a call, the application knows where to retrieve the correct information while recording and logging information from the entire call for future calls. This tool organizes information by topic and delivers it to the agent’s touch screen as an icon for easy access. This new management system is allowing us to focus on our customers rather than the screen and software in front of us.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is offering these services to local businesses for their convenience. Imagine the easy and compatibility that the ClearSight management tools can provide you in your day-to-day work. Contact us to discuss your businesses future and how our many services can help propel you towards success.


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