“Toner Phoner” Scams

“Toner Phoner” scams, while not new, are unfortunately becoming more and more common. If you don’t know about these telemarketers that are posing as Xerox representatives, its time you get informed. All over the the country, telemarketer frauds are targeting existing Xerox customers and charging them for products they didn’t order. Southwest Florida Office Solutions is going to tell you what to look for and how to deal with a potential fraudulent situation.

What To Look For 

Invoice for goods not ordered: Look out for callers that attempt to obtain information such as your name, company, and address. What these fraudulent companies do is then ship supplies for un-ordered products and then bill you an excessive amount for them. Don’t find yourself paying for products you haven’t ordered.

Misrepresentation: Listen to the language that the caller uses. Are they using general terms and ideas? This may be a sign that they are not the experts that they’re making themselves out to be. If you feel wary, ask specific questions concerning price, quantity, and brand. Telemarketers are often aggressive as well and may pressure you into ordering products or providing unnecessary payment.

Free gifts: The caller may try to entice your company with free gifts. If you accept, they often send the gift with invoice attachments as well as products that you never ordered. This is frustrating and extremely costly.

Protecting Your Business From Fraud 

  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Designate specific people in your organization responsible for ordering supplies for your Xerox equipment.
  • Before paying invoices, confirm that the supplies were ordered, the pricing is correct, and the product has been delivered.
  • When contacted by someone selling supplies, ask for the person’s name, company name, and call back number. Be wary of anyone who refuses to provide this information.
  • If a supplier misrepresented their company or the goods, write the company a letter explaining why you are disputing the bill.
  • Don’t be pressured into paying. Fraudulent companies often use threat of collection or legal action to get payment.

As always, contact Xerox Corporate Security at 1-888-434-2020 with any questions or concerns.

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