Print Works!

The statistics are staggering, yet more and more people are lead to believe that print is on its way out. Be it print media, publications, or documents, print is thriving. While technology is making our lives easier with by going digital, print is (and will always be) a noted and trustworthy means of communication. According to The Valassis Shopper Marketing Report, Millenials, long hailed as our digitized generation, rely on the following as their preferred source of coupons:

Mail: 61%

Newspapers: 52%

Internet (Download): 47%

Internet (Print At Home): 42%

Smartphone: 39%

The key is to use every form of medium for your business. Create a mix that’s effective in marketing, advertising, and produces results. A case study by Digital Nirvana highlights a successful merger between social media marketing and direct mail, promoting the opening of a new store. “5,000 mailers were sent out to gather demographic information of potential customers and to inform them of the branch’s opening. The postcards featured free food promotions that required online validation.” says Digital Nirvana. This is incredibly smart on several levels. By using social media as well as print, Chick-Fil-A was able to retrieve a quick survey, measure their online success, and on the opening day, a total of 14,000 customers came into the new store. 20% of those customers cited the direct mail and subsequent online promotion as the reason they decided to come.

Print, like most things, works when it’s done right. When paired with campaigns, promotions, or various other “call to actions”, the print medium can provide measurable success. One of the most notable reasons to commit to traditional print media is that it is seen as more trustworthy, even luxurious, than their digital counterparts.

“Clients are beginning to associate the tactile experience of print with luxury. Digital is cheap, fast, and easy. Who wants to be identified with any of those things?” says the Creative Director of Burt&Burt, Mary-Frances Burt.

In short, print isn’t going anywhere. Think of your own print preferences and transfer that to what your customers may think.

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