The print industry is back in a big way in 2014

The print industry has gone through many changes throughout the years. After a recession and troubled times the print industry has bounced back and is doing better than ever. Focusing on sustainability and innovation has created a completely new area of expertise. Printing has found its feet on the ground once more and has taken off running. Despite the steady increase, some companies are still finding themselves hesitant to reinvest and take advantage of this growing industry.

If you haven’t already focused on the benefits that these services can offer you, your business, and clientele than you should reconsider. The print industry has widened its market with the strides in technology. No longer-does printing mean documents for proposals and catalogs (though of course, that will always be a given). The options are endless and can extend to include binding, posters, promotional items, car decals, and even unique items such as coasters. Outsourcing major and specialty printing has grown popular over the last few years due to lack of technology or knowledge. Printers have also changed selling and communication techniques, creating more of a partner experience rather than the traditional “buyer and seller” method.

The print industry is moving forward in business, innovation, and sustainability as well. As we grow in population and the need to expand is great, we are all trying to do our part to find more sustainable resources and material. The print industry has taken enormous strides in creating recyclable and reusable products and have taken an active stance in sustainable responsibility.

Print is not dead; in fact, it’s the very opposite. Print is growing, creating more jobs, revenue, and success than many other large business sectors. Be a part of this rising industry and customize the look and feel of your business.


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