Managed Print Services Updates

Xerox will continue to upgrade and update its Managed Prints Services (MPS) program for Managed Services Providers (MSP) by connecting Xerox technology to IT software. Xerox is known for its ability to grant its customers with the greatest customer services as well as document management solutions. Lately, Xerox is expanding even further to ensure that customers are getting the most from their services. Managed Print Services will become even more of a vital service as Xerox explores new ways to provide businesses with accurate readings as well as generating recurring revenue.

One of the ways Managed Print Services will be able to connect easily with IT software is through a new cloud-based plug-in. This device will integrate its printer discovery and monitoring capabilities with LabTech Software, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for MSPs. Xerox plans to continue to integrate these services more with RMM for a seamless and easier problem control. The new plug-in and its integration with the LabTech Control Center will make it easier to see and take care of printer errors and issues.

The shift in Managed Print Services will focus on three “pillars”; Assess and Optimize, Secure and Integrate, and Automate and Simplify. The announcement of the expanded services include several exciting new features. Security solutions are strengthening in the MPS platform. Only MPS customers will be able to enjoy the new Secure Print Manager suite, which offers user authentication, secure document release, job tracking, charge back and accounting and rules-based printing.

Xerox has also announced two new services:

  • Xerox Document Analytics Service helps you understand how, where and why documents are used across your organization. We collaborate with your domain experts to gather quantitative and qualitative data; quickly and cost-effectively identify opportunities, risks and anomalies within your document processes; and recommend improvements.
  • Xerox Workflow Assessment Services goes beyond simply identifying where documents reside and what print devices are used in your organization. We provide data-driven, personalized analysis of your document usage and related business processes so you can make informed decisions about workflow optimization. X

Xerox has also been announced as the leader in the 2013 Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, saying that, “Due to the breadth and depth of its MPS portfolio, Xerox has retained its leading position in Quocirca’s review of the MPS market. Xerox has a comprehensive and scalable MPS offering, which encompasses office production, off-site commercial and mobile printing, catering for small businesses through to multi-national enterprises.” X

Xerox is the leader in Managed Print Services and they continue to look for new ways to improve. Is your business benefiting from Managed Print Services? Take advantage of the 360◦ service and build a safer business environment today.

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