Going Mobile in the Workplace

Stay connected wherever you are! Mobile devices in the workplace, often referred to as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), is changing the way companies are providing service to their customers. As users, we’re very attached to our mobile devices, extending that ease of use to a professional standpoint is simply the next step. Xerox is putting a focus on BYOD and making it easier for businesses to get connected to the apps and programs they really want on their smart phones.

Mobility is changing the way we work; we see it in the office and now we see it in the numbers:

  • 23% either have a company-provided mobile device or are reimbursed
  • 50% of American adults own a tablet.
  • 20% of workers use their tablets for work.
  • 35% of mobile workers still use their own smartphones and tablets for work.
  • In 2014, mobile app downloads amounted to approximately 180 million and are expected to reach 268 million by 2017.

Mobility is also changing the way IT is being done:

  • 87% of companies provide mobile workers with devices and cover costs.
  • 55% of companies expect work conducted on a mobile device to increase over the next year
  • 60% of mobile workers would like to print from their mobile devices.

SWFL Office Solutions has mobile-ready services to connect you to your office. Have the documents you need in your pocket no matter where you are. Mobile printing is just one of the many ways SWFL Office Solutions is making printing more convenient for Fort Myers businesses. Whether you’re at a meeting, at home, or simply away from the office, you can be connected to the Cloud, your most important documents, and print whenever and wherever you are. Convenient, easy, and reliable; just the way printing should be.

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