Everything You Need To Know About Solid Ink Technology

Sustainability is the name of the game and no one is taking it more seriously than Xerox. Our latest endeavor, as always, is environmentally friendly printing and nothing is causing a bigger stir than Xerox’ Solid Ink Technology. In short, “Solid Ink is formulated from a non-toxic, resin-based polymer, similar to a crayon. Solid Ink sticks are safe to handle and cannot spill, leak or smudge on your clothes.”

Solid Ink Technology is a sustainable means of printing without sacrificing high quality results. It’s easy to use and still maintains that superior print quality you expect from Xerox. It also:

  • Generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable color laser printers.
  • Enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

The cartridge-free design and minimal packaging of Solid Ink also results in:

  • Less manufacturing
  • Less storage space
  • Better transportation efficiency

Solid Ink Technology is helping to propel the print industry into Smart printing. Xerox is leading the way in responsible environmental practices and will continue to do so thanks to innovations in technology and a conscious and creative team. Consider how much you spend on ink now, how many cartridges you dispose of. Imagine a recyclable solution. Solid Ink is superior in quality, resolution, and overall look. For a result that really pops off the page, Southwest Florida Office Solutions chooses solid ink over the alternatives. The results are staggering, colors bright, and resolution sharp; there is simply no comparison.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is bringing Solid Ink Technology to Naples, Fort Myers, Estero, and beyond. Take the next step in fully-operational equipment, exquisite design, and consistent results. Contact us today to discuss how your business can deliver superior products every time you print. We are helping Southwest Florida companies take charge and rise above their competition with our office solutions.

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