Color Me Happy

ColorIn a world where people largely want everything to be black and white, break the mold and splash some color into the mix! Xerox is synonymous with color; from creative design to eye-popping prints, no one provides the quality that a Xerox print can.

It’s more than just vibrant images and fine graphics. Color is as artistic as it is scientific! Don’t worry Left-brainers, there’s logic behind our color response! The language of color is written in more than just visuals, there’s a significant amount of scientific reasoning behind it. I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Psychology of Color.” Behind each color is a connotation or emotional response that is ignited in our brains.

Red: Our beloved Xerox red emotes energy! It’s an exciting, attention-getting color!

Orange: Orange is fun; a color that gives off a playful, happy, and modern vibe.

Blue: The majority of favorite colors, and for good reason. Blue is a comfort, it is reliable and secure in itself.

Yellow: Just like the sun, yellow is cheerful and friendly! Surround yourself with yellow and feel positive.

Green: Nature is refreshing and so is green. A strong, trustworthy color that is as soothing as it is relaxing.

Purple: The Queen herself dons herself in purple, why shouldn’t you! Purple emotes superiority, regal and mysterious ways.

Visually stimulating and successful, research shows that color not only attracts customers but it instills a call-to-action. In a document, simply splashing the page with an image or bold color can increase your readers attention span and recall by more than 82%.

Humans naturally respond to color, ringing the bells in our mind and making us want to reach out and touch. Pair that to a tangible leaflet or poster and you have the beginnings of a beautiful partnership. Even the barest amount of color can result in big changes! In fact, your business is 44% more likely to receive calls when your phone number is printed in color.

SWFL Office is putting color in offices all over Fort Myers and beyond! Feel the urge to change and take charge of your customers and employee with the power of color. Whether you need a simple, small machine or a full-blown multifunction machine, call us today!


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