Managed Print Services Redefined

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Managed Print Services is evolving; it’s as simple as that. Xerox continues to be the leader in Managed Print Services and that is due to continued evolution and awareness. At Xerox, we grow with our technology and change our practices to best suit our customer’s needs. We were honored to be announced as the leader in the 2014 Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape.

Quocirca went on to report, “Xerox has retained its leading position in Quocirca’s evaluation of the MPS market, buoyed by continued investment in its mature MPS portfolio. An early leader in the market, its key strength is the depth and scale of its service offering, which encompasses office printing, production printing, as well as IT services (ITS) and business process services (BPS).”

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is proud to be a part of this prestigious company and is even more excited to announce that your local Xerox Authorized Agent is currently ranked 14th in the United States.  Xerox ensures that agents and dealers, as well as their corporate office grow together so we can provide superior customer service and support on a national and global weather. Managed Print Services is growing faster than almost any other sector of our business. Gartner released their hype cycle, showing trends and their plateaus.

Hype Cycle for Imaging and Print Services, 2013

According to Xerox’s Managed Print Services Landscape, 2014, MPS covers a number of service areas across three broad categories:

Assessment – a review of the current print environment to provide recommendations for a rationalised print environment and provide an estimate of potential future savings. Assessments range from basic online assessments to full workflow assessments. Environmental impact analysis and document security assessments may also be included.

Optimization – device rationalization and consolidation to improve user-to-device ratios and development of print policies to develop a governance framework for a full enterprise MPS, including change management, deployment, and transition.

Management – continuous process improvement, business reviews, SLA monitoring, remote management, and workflow improvement.

This serves as a tentative estimate of how services will be perceived and delivered in the future. Southwest Florida Office Solutions is delivering the great services that you expect at the quality you know. Managed print Services are becoming more flexible, accessible, and manageable than ever. Contact us today to discover how we can make your business day-to-day easier and take some of the stress off your shoulders.

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Simplicity Redefined: ConnectKey with Xerox

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Simplicity Redefined

“Multifunction printers that simplify your work.”

As if Xerox multifunction printers aren’t superior enough, ConnectKey with Xerox is making it even more of a defining device for your office. If you haven’t heard of ConnectKey then it is high time you do! ConnectKey is technology and software that connects multifunction printers with mobile print capabilities.  Not only will you be able to print, copy, fax, and scan, with ConnectKey you will be able to print with your mobile device as well as scan to cloud services such as Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365.

ConnectKey is giving businesses the luxury of time. Cut down on costs and effort and get connected as soon as possible. Print on you mobile device with Apple Air Print or integrate with Xerox Mobile Print. These features are ideal for businesses with a high workload? Are your employees busy with out of office appointments and meetings? Mobile printing and connectivity is proven to increase work productivity and better serve your employees and customers. If you’re worried about security, we have good news for you; data is protected with McAfee security.

A functional and customizable control panel is among the best features. Find contacts easily, scan, print, and fax however and to whoever you want. ConnectKey may not sound like a big deal but that’s because you haven’t experienced it yet. Frost & Sullivan awarded Xerox with the 2013 Global Excellence in Technology innovation aware for ConnectKey saying that it “represents a very significant step forward in the quest for improving document workflow within an enterprise.”

So what’s the big deal? Xerox’s App Studio allows you to customize your apps to tailor to your workday, improving speed and productivity. ConnectKey can also connect with SharePoint. This feature allows you to access documents, share folders, or browse through their desired documents.

ConnectKey is reinventing the way your office environment will work. Give your employees (as well as yourself) the gift of ease and extreme accessibility. ConnectKey is allowing you the chance to perform functions remotely, share documents, serve your customers, and all in a secure and protected location. Contact us today to see how SWFL Office Solutions can ease your workload!


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Xerox PrintBack Offers Solutions

admin : June 12, 2014 7:17 pm : main blog

Xerox PrintBack is being updated to support the new iOS update for your smartphone. Print capabilities are also extended to Android smartphones as well as tablets. Working today is technologically dependent. Whether you’re accessing email, viewing documents, and integrating your device to your business devices. When you’re constantly on the go, it can be easy to get frustrated but now, printing can be with you, everywhere you go. 

PrintBack delivers job simplicity through submission and production. No matter what your connection is like, manufacturer, or printer type, your jobs are valued and created in the quality you expect. “Smartphones and tablets are being rapidly adopted, and are becoming more integral in business environments and processes.” Says Xerox, “While mobile apps have bolstered the capabilities of such devices in new and unexpected ways, printing remains a difficult capability to harness.” 

With easy mobility, Xerox can support your files and documents from programs including Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint®, Excel®, Adobe® PDF, and more. When you print from mobile, quality is not sacrificed. High-quality documents will be sent and produced, the default settings of the print driver are used to print the job. With PrintBack, you have the ability to submit more than just documents, use the Photo Shoot mode and print these as well. This particular feature is incredibly useful for those in the real estate and construction industries. Give impromptu examples of your work with high-quality prints. 

PrintBack is a must have for mobility. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is how companies are conducting their business. It’s fast, convenient, and easy. According to a recent Quocirca survey of 125 companies reports that 75% of respondents said printing still plays an important role in supporting business activities, and 55% said their employees would like to be able to print from their mobile devices as if they were using their desktop computers. PrintBack is the solution to your print solutions. 

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Managed Print Services Updates

admin : May 21, 2014 7:29 pm : main blog

Xerox will continue to upgrade and update its Managed Prints Services (MPS) program for Managed Services Providers (MSP) by connecting Xerox technology to IT software. Xerox is known for its ability to grant its customers with the greatest customer services as well as document management solutions. Lately, Xerox is expanding even further to ensure that customers are getting the most from their services. Managed Print Services will become even more of a vital service as Xerox explores new ways to provide businesses with accurate readings as well as generating recurring revenue.

One of the ways Managed Print Services will be able to connect easily with IT software is through a new cloud-based plug-in. This device will integrate its printer discovery and monitoring capabilities with LabTech Software, a remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for MSPs. Xerox plans to continue to integrate these services more with RMM for a seamless and easier problem control. The new plug-in and its integration with the LabTech Control Center will make it easier to see and take care of printer errors and issues.

The shift in Managed Print Services will focus on three “pillars”; Assess and Optimize, Secure and Integrate, and Automate and Simplify. The announcement of the expanded services include several exciting new features. Security solutions are strengthening in the MPS platform. Only MPS customers will be able to enjoy the new Secure Print Manager suite, which offers user authentication, secure document release, job tracking, charge back and accounting and rules-based printing.

Xerox has also announced two new services:

  • Xerox Document Analytics Service helps you understand how, where and why documents are used across your organization. We collaborate with your domain experts to gather quantitative and qualitative data; quickly and cost-effectively identify opportunities, risks and anomalies within your document processes; and recommend improvements.
  • Xerox Workflow Assessment Services goes beyond simply identifying where documents reside and what print devices are used in your organization. We provide data-driven, personalized analysis of your document usage and related business processes so you can make informed decisions about workflow optimization. X

Xerox has also been announced as the leader in the 2013 Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, saying that, “Due to the breadth and depth of its MPS portfolio, Xerox has retained its leading position in Quocirca’s review of the MPS market. Xerox has a comprehensive and scalable MPS offering, which encompasses office production, off-site commercial and mobile printing, catering for small businesses through to multi-national enterprises.” X

Xerox is the leader in Managed Print Services and they continue to look for new ways to improve. Is your business benefiting from Managed Print Services? Take advantage of the 360◦ service and build a safer business environment today.

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Celebrate Earth Day with Xerox

admin : April 21, 2014 5:17 pm : main blog

Earth Day is just around the corner, tomorrow in fact! It’s time to assess your office and ensure that you’re doing your part for the environment and Southwest Office Solutions is here to help! Celebrate Earth Day with a close look at your print systems and solutions. Print has unfairly been given a bad reputation for harming the environment when this is false. Innovations and creative alternatives have helped the printing world reduce waste, recycle and cut costs through a few simple tools.

Southwest Office Solutions is bringing the best that Xerox has to offer right into your office. At Xerox, all genuine Xerox Branded Imaging Supply items can be recycled including select Used Xerox Cartridges, Waste toner containers, empty toner bottles, fuser modules, and Xerox Branded HP & Brother Replacement cartridges. Take advantage of these tools and become part of the solution. Southwest Office Solutions is giving you the tools and services you need to do your part in your own office and community. Xerox customers return more than 2.5 million cartridges and toner containers annually and have kept more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills over the last 20 years.

Our team helps you Go Green while you print! Southwest Office Solutions’ Managed Print Services offers companies an easy way to reduce their cost of printing, print from mobile devices, and eliminate unnecessary printing. All it takes is a simple evaluation of your print environment, office, and overall workload and we do the rest to evaluate your printing environment and ensure that your printing is up to your business expectations and that your machine is working efficiently and effectively for your workload. Xerox will “develop a roadmap for your ideal future state, including cost savings projections”.

Office assessment, Managed Print Services, recycling and sustainable options; Southwest Office Solutions and Xerox truly does it all. This Earth Day, consider cutting costs and saving trees by assessing your own print situation. Is your printer old? Does it use solid or laser ink? These questions may seem superfluous but in the office, these are the most cost conscious issues. Go Green this season with Southwest Office Solutions and explore high-quality, high-workload, and a lower carbon foot print.

Earth Day

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The Future of the Medical Field

admin : March 12, 2014 2:52 pm : main blog

Xerox is known to be an innovative and revolutionary brand. From the beginning of xerography to the millennium, this industry-giant has been one step ahead in terms of technology and growth. So what’s next for Xerox? The medical field has been an area where not many people would expect a company like Xerox to go but that’s just where we’re heading. With efficient and effective policies and innovation, the health and medicine industry can be helped with Xerox technology. At the forefront of everything is You; Xerox aims to be a service provider for people, whether it’s with their printer needs, technician services, or now, through medical means as well. 

Xerox is helping to create accessible, efficient processes to reduce cost and help patients. Doctors and nurses will have a wealth of data at their fingertips. To achieve these goals, “you need to deal with two businesses in one: taking care of people, while taking care of the bottom line. We can help you accomplish both.”

Innovations like 3D printing is already changing the way the medical operations and procedures can be done. It has already been successfully used to make prosthetics and hearing aids. Technology is changing and, with it, so is the world around us.We are lucky to have so much access to life-altering products and services. Xerox aims to work with health care professionals to create an even better experience for patients and medical personnel.



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Add Print to Your Marketing Mix

admin : February 13, 2014 9:46 pm : main blog

Product, Price, Place, Promotion. They are the 4P’s that was instilled within all Marketing students. It’s viewed as the fundamental’s for marketing and more commonly known as the marketing mix. The best thing about marketing and advertising is its ability to adapt to the time, changes, and innovations. While the above four are still viewed as the most pinnacle, it has been joined by three others. There is talk, however, that your business should be adding yet another P to your marketing mix; Print. Despite what many say, the print industry is alive and well. Living in a digital age, many worry or assume that technology is making printing obsolete but this is a falsity. In fact, the majority of businesses split their marketing and advertising plans into halves to support both digital and prints results.

It all began on October 22nd, when a patent attorney named Chester Carlson created the world’s first dry copy. His invention later led to the establishment of the Xerox Corporation in 1906. It’s curious that many dispute printing when it is still one of the leading industries in the world. It may be time that your business starts incorporating Printing into your business model and marketing mix.

There are several opportunities that print has that no other medium can offer. Print provides mailers and magazines that are still widely read today. USPS concluded that 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered. It is much more conducive to good business practices to send mailers rather than an email blast due to increased visibility.

Print is also seen as more trustworthy and personal than its digital counterparts. A study by VTT found that consumers trust advertising in print media more than any other media. This of course leads to traceable results. While direct mail is often seen as a waste it actually has a higher response rate than emails. A direct mailer is more likely to be opened than an email due to either design or intrigue.

Print simply has a trustworthy, loyal quality. A survey by Two Sides found that 70% of Americans prefer to read printed paper over a digital screen, with 67% preferring the feel of print media and in terms of transaction statements, Two Sides found that 64% consumers wouldn’t even choose a company that did not offer a paper bill option.

Print may be seen as traditional and outdated but it is anything but (well, it is traditional but since when has that been a bad thing). It might be time for your business to rethink and rework your strategies to include Printing into your mix.

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The print industry is back in a big way in 2014

admin : January 14, 2014 6:55 pm : main blog

The print industry has gone through many changes throughout the years. After a recession and troubled times the print industry has bounced back and is doing better than ever. Focusing on sustainability and innovation has created a completely new area of expertise. Printing has found its feet on the ground once more and has taken off running. Despite the steady increase, some companies are still finding themselves hesitant to reinvest and take advantage of this growing industry.

If you haven’t already focused on the benefits that these services can offer you, your business, and clientele than you should reconsider. The print industry has widened its market with the strides in technology. No longer-does printing mean documents for proposals and catalogs (though of course, that will always be a given). The options are endless and can extend to include binding, posters, promotional items, car decals, and even unique items such as coasters. Outsourcing major and specialty printing has grown popular over the last few years due to lack of technology or knowledge. Printers have also changed selling and communication techniques, creating more of a partner experience rather than the traditional “buyer and seller” method.

The print industry is moving forward in business, innovation, and sustainability as well. As we grow in population and the need to expand is great, we are all trying to do our part to find more sustainable resources and material. The print industry has taken enormous strides in creating recyclable and reusable products and have taken an active stance in sustainable responsibility.

Print is not dead; in fact, it’s the very opposite. Print is growing, creating more jobs, revenue, and success than many other large business sectors. Be a part of this rising industry and customize the look and feel of your business.


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Electing Section 179 deductions for equipment in these final days of 2013

admin : December 19, 2013 3:59 pm : main blog

As a business owner, you are not a tax expert, but you do not need to be. Just make yourself aware of a year-end to-do list item that will save you real dollars and cents. One easy strategy to provide basic year-end tax planning ideas is to partner with a local tax expert.

Stephen Osborne, Tax Planning Expert at McDonald & Osborne, PA in Naples, Florida advises that “Section 179 can be a very useful year-end planning tool, especially in years in which the business has been very profitable and the owners are facing a large tax liability. If large purchases need to be made anyway, might as well make them while
cash is available. Electing section 179 on vehicles, equipment, etc. can wipe out up to $500,000 of net income in 2013 thus lowering your tax liability.”

If you purchased, financed or leased equipment in 2013 and placed it into service during the calendar year, you should be reminded about the option to elect to take the Section 179 deduction.  It is not automatic. Business owners must elect to take it in order to capture the available tax savings. And, there are literally JUST DAYS LEFT to do this if you haven’t done so already.  YOU CAN STILL MAXIMIZE YOUR DEDUCTIONS AND CONSIDER PURCHASING EQUIPMENT THAT WILL MEET THIS REQUIREMENT.

According to Osborne, “2013 is an especially important year for Section 179 for two reasons. First, limits on the deduction are currently set to drop from $500,000 in 2013 to $25,000 in January 2014 unless Congress makes any more last minute extensions on current rules. Second, higher-income business owners that will be facing the new 39.6% tax rate and the 0.9% Medicare surtax will be looking for any additional deductions they can find.”

“With so much uncertainty looking into 2014 and beyond, it makes sense to take the
deduction and defer taxes now instead of waiting until next year,” says Osborne.

Contact us TODAY for a free consultation.  Our knowledgeable staff can help you increase your office efficiencies and add to your office’s bottom line at the same time.  A GREAT YEAR-END STRATEGY FOR ALL!

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