The Price is Right with SWFL Office Solutions

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SWFL May BlogYou get what you pay for,”

An adage that has lasted decades is just as appropriate now as we it was in the past. Particularly in a business setting, it’s a decision we will all have to make at some point. The real question is, do you sacrifice quality for a cheaper price?

SWFL Office Solutions and Xerox believe that you shouldn’t have to do either. Yes, initially some price tags may be a bit daunting but together, we’re ensuring that our customers are equipped with high-quality products that deliver incredible results, all at an affordable price.

Buying the Right Printer

Small-to-medium businesses across southwest Florida are being put in somewhat compromising positions. What does your business really need? Are you paying more for less? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone!

Xerox has identified a few questions every business should be asking themselves during the printer-browsing process:

  • How many pages will you print each month? (Count how many reams of paper you use each month.)
  • How many will be color?
  • How long do you expect to own the printer before you replace it?
  • What other features do you need? Two-sided printing? Envelope printing? Will you print on 11 X 17 paper?

TCO and You!

Xerox is taking out the fear of numbers to make Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations easy and manageable. TCO is a valuable number to find when it concerns your office equipment. Not only is the price of the printer included but other features such as toner, replacement costs, and whether or not your office intends to buy or lease.

Calculating your TCO looks complicated but it’s really just a few short steps and then you’ll have the number you need. Don’t worry, we’re going to give it to you step-by-step:

  1. Multiply the number of pages you will print each month by the number of months you will have the device. (Note: This will be done twice for total number of pages and number of color pages.)
  2. Subtract the “in the box” pages from the total lifetime pages; i.e. cartridges that come in the box.
  3. Divide the number of remaining pages by the capacity of replacement toner cartridges.
  4. Next, find out how much toner cartridges cost over the printer’s lifetime.
  5. Include your warranty and/or protection plan.
  6. Add it all together and the end result is your TCO!

For an even more in depth look at calculating your TCO visit Xerox!

Knowing your TCO will give you a better feel of the right product for your business. It can also provide insight on cost-saving opportunities such as Managed Print Services. Remember, a little bit of math can go a long way!

The Price is Right

SWFL Office Solutions is happy to provide affordable, high-quality products to businesses in Fort Myers and beyond! We are now serving Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, as well as Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties. Contact us today to discuss your office environment and solutions today!

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Proud to Be a Veteran Owned Business

admin : April 29, 2016 3:09 pm : main blog

Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”
Abraham Lincoln

Memorial Day is next month and with it brings memories, gratitude, and love. While it may only last by name, for a day, we are always remembering and honoring our veterans.

SWFL Office Solutions is proud to be a Veteran Owned Business right here in Fort Myers. Owner Chris Deichman served bravely in the Marine Corps, returning to lead our team and starting this veteran owned business.

Chris comes from a strong military background. In fact, his father had the honor of being awarded the Bronze Star, a Military medal awarded for “Heroic or meritorious achievement or service.” He was given this incredible honor following his service in Vietnam. Chris followed in his father’s footsteps, serving proudly as a Marine. Chris exemplifies the leadership, courage, and savvy that can only come from someone who has served.


We are proud of our friend and leader Chris for defending our country’s freedom. There is nothing braver than standing up for what you believe in. He continues to lead us in the office, creating partnerships and strong customer relationships with genuine care, quality service, and even better products.

When you think of office equipment and copiers in Southwest Florida, whether it’s in Naples, Fort Myers, or Sarasota, count on SWFL Office Solutions and our experienced team to deliver the best office solutions in the area.

As your Authorized Xerox Agency for Collier, Lee, Hendry, Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee counties, SWFL Office Solutions is proud to serve businesses of all sizes and functions. We are leading you towards a successful future as your strong ally. No matter what office solution you’re looking for, we have it armed and ready. Contact us today to partner with us.


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Spring Sprouts New Solutions from Xerox

admin : March 23, 2016 3:51 pm : main blog

Spring has sprung with new announcements from Xerox and SWFL Office Solutions! We are excited to announce the latest news from Xerox!

Spring cleaning is working its way towards your office, but not in the way you think. Xerox ConnectKey technology is providing an extra boost in productivity in offices all over southwest Florida. Thanks to new innovative apps and more capabilites for multi-function printers (MFP), your office will be armed and ready for an incredible season.

Xerox announced this past week that we will be releasing an impressive 14 Xerox ConnectKey-enabled i-Series MFPs. These devices will be equipped with ready-to-use apps that will put your processes on the fast track. Thanks to ConnectKey, your office can collaborate and work with the efficiency you need.

“Imagine an MFP that can translate a document into more than 35 languages, or be customized and built to meet customers’ particular business needs,” said Jim Rise, senior vice president, Office and Solutions Business Group, Xerox. “The ConnectKey-enabled i-Series MFPs provide those services and more. It allows businesses to go beyond printing, scanning, faxing and copying, and gives channel partners the tools they need to capture new recurring revenue streams.”

It’s not just what’s in the office that’s changing, but how you’re treated! Xerox has outlined more top Customer Care Trends that will change the way we all do business together. The trends include:

  1. Social media support steps up
  2. The Internet of Things enables ‘machine-to-machine’ customer care
  3. Brands become omni-present
  4. Customer care agent becomes a career

SWFL Office Solutions and Xerox is committing to your business, its processes, and it’s bright future. In fact, Xerox was recently recognized as the recipient of Buyers Lab LLC 2016 document imaging Software Line of the Year award.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is currently serving Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, as well as Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties. Let us help your business dust off those cobwebs and brighten up your future! Contact us today for a quote.


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3 Ways to Become King of the Professional Jungle

admin : February 15, 2016 10:43 pm : main blog

You don’t have to be the biggest cat in the professional jungle to have the best management services. The digital sphere has transformed the way we’re doing business. Instead of physically writing, we’re typing; instead of files, we have online documents. No matter how you’re keeping your records, it’s vital that you have a digital paper trail that can always be reached.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is providing professional Managed Print Services to local offices and beyond.

Now you can take care of your business, employees, and coworkers from easy-to-use, efficient programs.Whether you’re leaning towards a fully automated office, or are still reaping the benefits of physical copies, Southwest Florida Office Solutions is behind every process.

Remember Who You Are

Okay, so it’s not as awe-inspiring as Mufasa’s advice to a troubled Simba, but it still begs repeating. Know your business, remember the past, and shape your professional future. Managed Print Services provides unrivaled business visibility. Find out exactly what you’re spending on print and reap the benefits of regularly-scheduled.

Total visibility trickles down to efficient office management, invoicing, and budgeting. With Xerox, you know where your money’s going, how it’s being spent, and eliminating unnecessary cost.

Now that’s worth remembering, Simba!

“Can you feel the love tonight…”

Managed Print Services is spreading love all over the office with efficient and consistent support. Xerox print management service, PagePack, provides a flexible, all-inclusive supplies and service program for selected devices. SWFL Office Solutions offers maintenance, on-site service, and technical support to ensure your business has dependable, professional printing every time.

Hakuna Matata!

It means “no worries!” With custom Xerox solutions, your office will soar above the competition. Success starts behind the scenes of the business. Ensure that you’re succeeding with a smooth running operation! We are your authorized Xerox dealers, ready to take your call and make sure you don’t worry “for the rest of your days!”

Flexible, easy, and convenient. Managed Print Services extend past the edges of the jungle! Our team is powering your products and greasing the wheel! Get supplies right when you need them, delivered directly to your door! Programs like PagePack make it easier than ever to order supplies online.

SWFL, Hear Our Roar!

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is currently serving Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, as well as Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties. Let us sink our teeth into your business and show you what our Managed Print Services can do for your success!

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3 Tips for a “Better” 2016

admin : January 26, 2016 6:51 pm : main blog

#WorkingBetter“Working Better” is the period of every Xerox service. From our renowned printers and copiers to full-service office solutions, we are the foundation to every technical aspect of your business. Start 2016 with the right mindset and tackle the New Year.

We have a few ideas for you…

Keep it Under Lock & Key

It wouldn’t be your business without all the hard work that you and your employees put into it. Make sure your most sensitive documents are secure inside and outside of the office. Xerox is committed to upgrading and staying up-to-date with your security. Seal all the cracks and holes in your security system with trust Xerox services. According to the Identity Theft Center, there were 783 security fails in U.S. companies in 2014. While 2015 saw a safer year for business, let’s continue to grow a better security system. Southwest Florida Office Solutions offers your local business the following:

  • Protect your confidential information
  • Prevent unauthorized Access
  • Manage threats proactively
  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Gain complete visibility

Lions, Tigers, and Managed Print Services–Oh My!

You don’t have to be the biggest cat in the jungle to have the best management services. Now you can take care of your business, employees, and coworkers from easy-to-use, efficient programs. Our digital sphere has us typing instead of writing and, as such, more information is stored electronically than ever before. Ensure that you have a digital paper trail that can always be reached. Whether you’re leaning towards a fully automated office, or are still reaping the benefits of physical copies, Southwest Florida Office Solutions is behind every process.

The Simplistic Magic of “Buy It Now”

Customers are browsing and purchasing more online than ever before thanks to stores right in their pockets! Mobile shopping is at an all time and will only climb in 2016. Installing “Buy It Now” buttons will ease an already convenient process. Stay ahead of the competition with a simple way to buy products and services in southwest Florida.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is currently serving Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, as well as Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties. Let us set-up shop so your business can thrive!

#WorkingBetter in 2016!

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Christmas Wishes Come True with Xerox

admin : December 22, 2015 2:47 pm : main blog

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a reflection of our year and a time to show generosity to our loved ones, our friends, and everyone who has helped us throughout the year. It’s not quite the end of the year, but it is one of the last celebrations.

This Christmas, make your office’s wish come true with support and service that will help you run smoothly all year.

SWFL Office Solutions is a full-service, authorized printer maintenance service provider for all major printer manufacturers.  Factory trained and certified on all aspects of equipment maintenance, SWFL Office Solutions can help with any desktop repair needs.

This includes:

  • On-Site Service
  • Network Connectivity
  • Telephone Support
  • Full Service Maintenance Agreements
  • Managed Printer Services
  • Professional Services

Everest Group, one of the world’s leading consulting and research firms focused on business services, recently released their top 50 business process services providers and Xerox was ranked number one! Xerox consistently provides the best service and support across the globe. From high-quality printing materials to fully-automated office solutions, managed print services, and document management, Xerox is helping businesses all over the world work smart and #workbetter. For more than a half a century, Xerox has been a leader in document technology and services. We continue to build on this heritage of innovation and extend our services to your business.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions would like to thank our incredible team, partners, and loyal customers for helping us make 2015 a year to remember. There was a lot of moving, new team members added to our team, and lots of laughs. Thank you for choosing Xerox and we look forward to bringing you service in 2016!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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Color Me Happy

admin : November 12, 2015 3:24 pm : main blog

ColorIn a world where people largely want everything to be black and white, break the mold and splash some color into the mix! Xerox is synonymous with color; from creative design to eye-popping prints, no one provides the quality that a Xerox print can.

It’s more than just vibrant images and fine graphics. Color is as artistic as it is scientific! Don’t worry Left-brainers, there’s logic behind our color response! The language of color is written in more than just visuals, there’s a significant amount of scientific reasoning behind it. I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Psychology of Color.” Behind each color is a connotation or emotional response that is ignited in our brains.

Red: Our beloved Xerox red emotes energy! It’s an exciting, attention-getting color!

Orange: Orange is fun; a color that gives off a playful, happy, and modern vibe.

Blue: The majority of favorite colors, and for good reason. Blue is a comfort, it is reliable and secure in itself.

Yellow: Just like the sun, yellow is cheerful and friendly! Surround yourself with yellow and feel positive.

Green: Nature is refreshing and so is green. A strong, trustworthy color that is as soothing as it is relaxing.

Purple: The Queen herself dons herself in purple, why shouldn’t you! Purple emotes superiority, regal and mysterious ways.

Visually stimulating and successful, research shows that color not only attracts customers but it instills a call-to-action. In a document, simply splashing the page with an image or bold color can increase your readers attention span and recall by more than 82%.

Humans naturally respond to color, ringing the bells in our mind and making us want to reach out and touch. Pair that to a tangible leaflet or poster and you have the beginnings of a beautiful partnership. Even the barest amount of color can result in big changes! In fact, your business is 44% more likely to receive calls when your phone number is printed in color.

SWFL Office is putting color in offices all over Fort Myers and beyond! Feel the urge to change and take charge of your customers and employee with the power of color. Whether you need a simple, small machine or a full-blown multifunction machine, call us today!


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A Haunting Holiday Season Looms

admin : October 15, 2015 7:35 pm : main blog

In Fort Myers, we may not be used to the autumn weather that the rest of the country feels but we still are enjoying the brisk summer breeze of October. Each bright, chilly morning reminds us that while we are still in the middle of October, the holidays are right around the corner. Particularly in Florida, where the majority of our “season” begins now, the sudden influx of customers is both a blessing and a source of distress.

We are always happy to see familiar faces, be given new, challenging tasks, and opening our doors for more customers, but is your company technologically able to handle more?

Outfit your office now to prepare for the holiday season rush! Southwest Florida Office Solutions is providing the most innovative, advanced office equipment in the area. Color, black and white, an immeasurable amount of features that will make every trip to the machine worth it. Our staff help you every step of the way, from quotes to IT set-ups. It’s important to train your staff on new technologies now, so by the time your doors open to our friendly “snow birds,” you’re already experts on your new equipment.

Our business surname if you will isn’t just there to sound nice; we truly are offering Office Solutions. Beyond your everyday printer and copiers, we are offering award-winning Document Management and Managed Print Services and support to Fort Myers businesses. Taking control of the back end ensures a smooth, more efficient flow when you’re face-to-face with your customer.

While you’re getting ready for the holiday spirit, don’t forget to enjoy the one we’re in now! If you celebrate Halloween and feel like lifting your friends, family, and coworker’s spirits, why not print out custom, spooky greeting cards filled with the ghosts, bats, and pumpkins that make this time of year extra scary. Download your free template here and follow these easy instructions:

  • Simply select the card template of your choice and choose Save Link As (or Save Target As) to download it.
  • Customize, print and enjoy!
  • Experiment with glossy or coated papers, giving your cards a professional-looking finish.
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From Bankruptcy to Billions

admin : September 24, 2015 12:08 pm : main blog


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Hard times can become one of the most influential learning experiences. Take it from current CEO and Chairwoman Ursula Burns. As an executive in 2000, she found herself in a difficult position within a company she truly believed in. Xerox was on the brink of bankruptcy, a new CEO was announced, and everyone was unsure what lay ahead for this technology giant.

Anne Mulcahy, the CEO at the time, sat with the 100 executives of Xerox and offered them a “graceful exit” if they decided to leave. Of the 100 executives that were offered a severance package, 98 decided to stay, and Ursula Burns was one of them. Burns sat down with Forbes, saying that staying with Xerox became one of the greatest decisions she made. Pushing herself and helping her peers tackle the challenges of Xerox, an organization that was more than just a job but had become part of her identity.

After all, Ursula Burns’ career at Xerox extends as far as 1980 where she began as an intern. Stepping away from a company she has been so committed to simply wasn’t an option. She watched as Anne Mulcahy helped guide Xerox out of the hole that had been dug, shifting from a product and manufacturing company to more of a services basis; a refocus that not only helped Xerox out of bankruptcy, but allowed them to thrive.

“Never waste a good crisis.” Burns reflects, a cliché but an appropriate one. Since 2000, Xerox has reclaimed their rightful spot at the top of the industry, extending its tendrils to more than business and office spaces but assisting in the medical one as well.

Southwest Florida Office Solutions is proud to provide quality, reliable products to Fort Myers and beyond. Each product is a testimony to the company itself. Round-the-clock service, no matter where you are. We’re more than just print, copy, and fax, we’re solutions to all of your office needs. Smooth out your day and let Xerox take care of your trusted documents, your IT software, and your call center needs. Contact us today to discuss your future with Xerox.

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5 Claims Debunked Regarding Digital and Print Media

admin : August 11, 2015 3:05 pm : main blog

The rapid growth of digital media has fueled the debate over whether print media is losing its relevance. Over the years, the idea has seesawed back and forth as we gauge the effect social media, e-readers and digital advertising has impacted print publications and collateral. The evolution is real.

But are all the claims really true? SOS debunks some of the most popular statements in the years-long battle between these two forms of media.

 1. Converting to Digital Media is More Environmentally Conscious

FALSE: We often assume because of the carbon footprint of paper that digital media is more environmentally conscious, but we seem to forget that there’s a source for all the energy we consume. A whopping 57% of the United States’ electricity comes from coal, which has led to the destruction of over 500 mountains and 600 square miles of forest. Computers, cellular networks, internet servers, data centers and consumer electronics all require electricity to operate, fueling our ever-growing demand for this depleting resource.

2. We Retain Knowledge Better Through Print Media

TRUE: We’ve all heard the phrase, “Learn by doing.” At the end of the day, we are still human beings, programmed to learn through interaction. Studies show that we retain knowledge better through a hands-on approach.

Studies show that children learn 25% more in an interactive environment, whereas a lack of stimuli actually decreases learning by 25%. This statistic doesn’t change when we grow into adults. Whether we’re taking notes, highlighting passages or simply flipping through the pages, a tangible experience acts like glue within our memory banks. Thoughts, ideas and concepts simply stick better.

3. Digital Media has a wider reach, thus has more engagement

FALSE: Exposure and engagement are not the same thing. Social and digital media content is browsed more than its read. Studies show that most online content is received with a short attention span, averaging 15 seconds per visit.

The reason behind this is that much of our activity on computers, cell phones and social media tends to be passive. We browse newsfeeds, receiving information without chewing on what it means or translating it into a clear action or objective.

Meanwhile, we tend to approach print media like books, brochures, magazines and flyers more intentionally. We read books and magazines with the intention to learn, or to be entertained. We pick up brochures in order to educate ourselves on a product or subject. We do all of this often with a singular focus, for there aren’t extra tabs or notifications to distract from what’s in front of us.

4. Print is Dying

FALSE: Print media may be giving up some of its former territory to digital media, but it’s far from obsolete. Seventy-six percent of small businesses utilize both print and digital marketing to reach their customers and clientele. Online advertising has become a lucrative business. Last year, Google reported a whopping $14 billion in profit dollars out of $66 billion in sales, most of which was generated from their internet advertising services.

Yet there’s still value to print marketing, especially in the realm of sales. Retailers find that placing a coupon or sales flyer in the hand of a customer makes them more inclined to make a purchase, or buy more items than they originally came for.

5. Print Must Evolve to Survive

TRUE: It’s true that print media is no longer the dominant voice in communicating with the masses. In order to remain relevant, it must find new avenues and new ways to connect with its audience. In some ways, that means embracing the “new guy.”

Despite the many arguments back and forth between which is better, there is actually a synergy between print and digital media. One that society is learning how to take advantage of more and more.

Combining the interactive nature of digital media with the tangibility of print creates a powerful hybrid. A great example is the use of QR codes. Give an individual a one-sheet that informs them about a product or service with a QR code at the bottom turns informative collateral into a call to action.

Marketing is no longer a two-step process, but an encompassing and interactive experience, which is why businesses still use both forms of media as a means of communication.

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