Add Print to Your Marketing Mix

Product, Price, Place, Promotion. They are the 4P’s that was instilled within all Marketing students. It’s viewed as the fundamental’s for marketing and more commonly known as the marketing mix. The best thing about marketing and advertising is its ability to adapt to the time, changes, and innovations. While the above four are still viewed as the most pinnacle, it has been joined by three others. There is talk, however, that your business should be adding yet another P to your marketing mix; Print. Despite what many say, the print industry is alive and well. Living in a digital age, many worry or assume that technology is making printing obsolete but this is a falsity. In fact, the majority of businesses split their marketing and advertising plans into halves to support both digital and prints results.

It all began on October 22nd, when a patent attorney named Chester Carlson created the world’s first dry copy. His invention later led to the establishment of the Xerox Corporation in 1906. It’s curious that many dispute printing when it is still one of the leading industries in the world. It may be time that your business starts incorporating Printing into your business model and marketing mix.

There are several opportunities that print has that no other medium can offer. Print provides mailers and magazines that are still widely read today. USPS concluded that 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered. It is much more conducive to good business practices to send mailers rather than an email blast due to increased visibility.

Print is also seen as more trustworthy and personal than its digital counterparts. A study by VTT found that consumers trust advertising in print media more than any other media. This of course leads to traceable results. While direct mail is often seen as a waste it actually has a higher response rate than emails. A direct mailer is more likely to be opened than an email due to either design or intrigue.

Print simply has a trustworthy, loyal quality. A survey by Two Sides found that 70% of Americans prefer to read printed paper over a digital screen, with 67% preferring the feel of print media and in terms of transaction statements, Two Sides found that 64% consumers wouldn’t even choose a company that did not offer a paper bill option.

Print may be seen as traditional and outdated but it is anything but (well, it is traditional but since when has that been a bad thing). It might be time for your business to rethink and rework your strategies to include Printing into your mix.

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