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SWFL May BlogYou get what you pay for,”

An adage that has lasted decades is just as appropriate now as we it was in the past. Particularly in a business setting, it’s a decision we will all have to make at some point. The real question is, do you sacrifice quality for a cheaper price?

SWFL Office Solutions and Xerox believe that you shouldn’t have to do either. Yes, initially some price tags may be a bit daunting but together, we’re ensuring that our customers are equipped with high-quality products that deliver incredible results, all at an affordable price.

Buying the Right Printer

Small-to-medium businesses across southwest Florida are being put in somewhat compromising positions. What does your business really need? Are you paying more for less? If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone!

Xerox has identified a few questions every business should be asking themselves during the printer-browsing process:

  • How many pages will you print each month? (Count how many reams of paper you use each month.)
  • How many will be color?
  • How long do you expect to own the printer before you replace it?
  • What other features do you need? Two-sided printing? Envelope printing? Will you print on 11 X 17 paper?

TCO and You!

Xerox is taking out the fear of numbers to make Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculations easy and manageable. TCO is a valuable number to find when it concerns your office equipment. Not only is the price of the printer included but other features such as toner, replacement costs, and whether or not your office intends to buy or lease.

Calculating your TCO looks complicated but it’s really just a few short steps and then you’ll have the number you need. Don’t worry, we’re going to give it to you step-by-step:

  1. Multiply the number of pages you will print each month by the number of months you will have the device. (Note: This will be done twice for total number of pages and number of color pages.)
  2. Subtract the “in the box” pages from the total lifetime pages; i.e. cartridges that come in the box.
  3. Divide the number of remaining pages by the capacity of replacement toner cartridges.
  4. Next, find out how much toner cartridges cost over the printer’s lifetime.
  5. Include your warranty and/or protection plan.
  6. Add it all together and the end result is your TCO!

For an even more in depth look at calculating your TCO visit Xerox!

Knowing your TCO will give you a better feel of the right product for your business. It can also provide insight on cost-saving opportunities such as Managed Print Services. Remember, a little bit of math can go a long way!

The Price is Right

SWFL Office Solutions is happy to provide affordable, high-quality products to businesses in Fort Myers and beyond! We are now serving Collier, Lee, and Hendry counties, as well as Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee counties. Contact us today to discuss your office environment and solutions today!

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