4 Tips to Conquer Your Inbox

SOS conquer inboxDid you know that the average employee spends 28% of their workday reading and responding to emails.

That’s 13 hours a week, enough to binge-watch an entire season of Breaking Bad!

Imagine everything you can do in those wasted 13 hours. If you’re feeling controlled by your inbox, it’s time to make a change. Xerox is helping customers manage their time more efficiently and cut out spam! Take control of your inbox and boost productivity with these 4 tips.

#1 Block Out Time for Email

The best time for work is bright and early in the morning. Block out 8am-9am to get yourself a cup of coffee, open up your email and start cracking! Knocking out a big chunk of your emails will make your inbox more manageable during the day.

#2 Keep Emails Short

If you’re the type of person to send a novella over an email, please stop! Keep emails brief and to the point. If there’s a lot that needs to be said, consider calling instead.

#3 Batch Delete and Archive

Got spam? Tick boxes in large quantities and send it to the trash! If it’s spam, you can usually tell by the sender and the subject line. Don’t bother clicking and opening. Tick and delete instead!

#4 Print Out Reference Emails

Some emails are important. Print emails that you regularly reference to and experience a more productive way of finding information. This will free up your inbox and also serve as a quick way to find what you need!

Free the Inbox

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